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For more than 30 years, we have been developing the best, efficient and accessible solutions for handling wafers and solar cells, designed to meet the most diverse and complex needs of our customers.

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We “R2D Automation” have rich experiences to provide wafer handling tools to transfer,sort and manage your Wafers in Prime Wafer Manufacture, Wafer Reclaim, Silicon Semiconductor Front-End (Integrated Device Manufacturer and Foundry), Compound Semiconductors (GaAs, InP, GaN, SiC), Semiconductor Advanced Packaging (Including Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging), LED (Mini LED and Micro LED), Micro OLED,…Industries.

Moreover, we also provide the Integrate Automation Solutions for Furnace (Diffusion, Annealing and Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition), High Temperature Oven, Wet Process Tool, and SOI Wafer Manufacture Tool by Smart Cut™ Technology. The Customized Automation Solution is also available on Request.

In the past decades, we have provided Thousands of Wafer Handling Tools in Semiconductor Industry to help our customer to have Wafer Traceability and increase their Production Yield Rate. We “R2D Automation” provide “the Best Way to Transfer Your Wafers” who is the Partner you can Rely On.

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We have  great experience of 30 years. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers and we are committed to listening and responding to all eventualities. We go on site to visit your factory and to find the products adapted to your needs. 

about us

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Based in France, R2D Automation is a wafer handling equipment manufacturer with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry.

Based on our unique technology and experience, R2D Automation has been bringing cutting-edge technology to the semiconductor and flat panel display industry for over 30 years.
Reliable and clean robots and material handling equipment are now used in semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing plants around the world.

We are surrounded by products that combine semiconductor and FPD technologies, such as smartphones, personal computers and TVs. This technological emphasis has become increasingly important in our lives and continues to be at the core of the company’s development and innovation.

Based in France, R2D Automation is a wafer handling equipment manufacturer with a extensive experience on semiconductor industry. 

Quality : Since 2016, R2D Automation has implemented a Quality Management System, certified ISO9001

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R2d Automation engineers create innovative technologies by working in collaborative teams

They partner with other engineering disciplines and form strategic alliances to deliver solutions that provide a competitive advantage. We believe this is the best way to achieve our company’s mission: to provide our customers with high-performance products that make an impact.

At R2D, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve challenges and build lasting relationships with our clients. Our engineers work with the most advanced tools.

The interactive nature of their work has taught them to collaborate with multiple teams, think critically and communicate effectively.