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Batch Transfer

R2D Automation has developed a complete range of batch wafer transfer systems to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. Customizable according customer specifications, these tools transfers batch of wafers from 3" to 8", from cassette to cassette or to boat, with flat/notch alignment, flip wafers or pitch changing, and can be integrated into automated production units thanks to their SECS-GEM connectivity.

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Wafer Sorting

Customizable according customer specifications, R2D Automation Wafer Sorting Systems are horizontal single wafer transfer systems, with 1, 2, 3 or 4 load port, transferring wafers from 3" to 12", through pre-programmed recipes such as randomization, copying, completing... and also sorting wafers by scribe number using an integrated optical character recognition system. SECS-GEM connectivity included.

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Wafer Tracking

Thanks to their special OCR system, R2D Automation Wafer Tracking System, named ID Reader, are developed to read most scribes from semiconductor industry of a whole batch of wafer, on front and back side of 6" and 8" wafers. All wafer identifications can be downloaded on a file or sent to the host thanks to their SECS GEM connectivity.


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COMET 2 station

Using the COMET 2 STATION is the easiest way to transfer batch of wafers 3″ to 12″, from cassette to cassette or from cassette to boat. SECS-GEM communication available.

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GEMINI Aligner

The GEMINI Aligner is a semi-automatic batch wafer transfer system with an integrated notch/flat aligner. With its vey small footprint, this tool can load and unload from cassette to cassette, a batch of wafers 6″ or 8″, thin or thick, of any substrate material.

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Table Top Organizer

The Table Top Organizer is a single wafer pick & drop machine, transfering wafers within or between cassettes, 6" and 8" same machine, used for randomization, compacting, copying, completing, inverting...