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R2D Automation has deep experience in wafer handling automation in the Semiconductor industry. In 1992 the company created the Comet batch wafer transfer tool, a new type of first class stand alone batch wafer transfer system. Early 2000 R2D Automation designed its first single wafer transfer system and developed a new line of 300mm batch transfer systems using a fully automated homemade scara robot.

R2D Automation has developed numerous wafer handling automation equipment and became a global supplier of semiconductor automation equipment, focused on supplying cost effective, fast and reliable machines.

Parallel to the semiconductor activities, R2D started designing batch wafer transfer systems for the Solar Industry. In 2006 R2D Automation successfully delivered the first full automation systems to be combined with diffusion furnace from Tempress.

R2D was acquired by the parent company of Tempress , Amtech Systems Inc., to create a unique integrated solution to its customer base. Amtech Systems Inc. is listed at Nasdaq as ASYS.

Since then R2D has provided over 400 diffusion automation systems to the solar industry, making it market leader in this segment. In 2014 a new generation of batch wafer transfer systems was introduced to be integrated with the Tempress 5 tube furnace platform. In this new automation, wafers can be transferred from cassette to longboat with an high throughput, in single slot and back to back positioning, at full and half pitch spacing.

In 2018, still mainly focused on the Semiconductor industry, R2D Automation, with its successful experience in horizontal furnace full automation for Solar industry, started to design horizontal furnace full automation for the Semiconductor Industry. Integrating high technology as 6 axis robots, further improving the performance of its equipment.

In late 2019 R2D Automation was sold to management and became an independent business. R2D was recapitalised and fresh funding was injected to enable the business to expand and grow.

The new product to fill the 300mm market was developed for a specific customer. In 2020 we developed a new type of automation for the horizontal furnace market, the Lisa System. This allowed the business to further expand the product range. We delivered the first 300mm system in Singapore during 2021. This system was coupled with a special SOI Wafer transfer System via an EFEM 2 LP.

Following our target to supply a full line of products around Furnace Automation, the Lina system appeared in 2022. The first 300mm system was deliver in Japan during 2023. The Lina design is a versatile system working for a different size of wafers.
We have delivered multisystem 150/200mm in both Europe and Asia. This product range, designed to fill a specific market niche was introduced with first deliveries in 2023. It has already attracted additional interest and additional orders in the coming period.
Both the Lisa and Lina systems can be connected to an R2D Wafer transfer system.

R2D Automation provides the single solution for both wafer transfer and full automation to our customers.

about us

North America​

North American representative appointed to enhance customer service and support

R2D-Automation, a global leader in semiconductor automation, and REV-Global, a semiconductor manufacturer representative for over 21 years, are proud to announce their strategic agreement for the Americas. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, REV-Global is well positioned to effectively reach the North Americas. This change was made after listening to our North American customers.

REV-Global is a distributor of R2D-Automation products for U.S. territories, including the United States, Canada and Mexico. REV-Global provides technical sales and first line of contact for North America to increase response times and ensure local presence.

REV-Global also provides the first line of support and service for R2D-Automation equipment in the local market. R2D-Automation customers have requested improved local presence and response times in the Americas time zones, and this alliance is designed to meet that need.

REV-Global has over 5 years of experience in sales and service with R2D-Automation. We believe that this will be a positive transformation allowing for rapid support in the Americas time zone.

Effective immediately, all quotes for service, parts and tools for North America should be directed to REV-Global at the contact information below.


about us


R2D Automation is a Semiconductor Wafer Transferring and Sorting Equipment Manufacturer with a 34-year history.

Over the past 34 years, R2D has been focusing on this field, committed to perfecting Wafer Handling Technology, and becoming a high-quality supplier of related automation equipment in the semiconductor industry to serve global customers, including those in Asia.

In the past 20 years, Asia has developed into the most important region for the Semiconductor Industry, especially Taiwan, mainland China, and Singapore. As such, we have followed the Industry’s Development Trend and Entered the Markets of Taiwan, mainland China, and Singapore. We have four agents in Asia to provide timely support for Local Customers’ Business and Field Service needs.

  • Taiwan: Kromax International Corporation and Standard Technology Corporation
  • Mainland China: Kromax International Corporation and Laserwort Ltd.
  • Singapore: DOU YEE Enterprises

R2D Automation has cooperated with Kromax International Corporation, Standard Technology Corporation, Laserwort Ltd., and DOU YEE Enterprises for over 20 years. We believe that Partnership is Essential, and we remain committed to our agents, fostering an unbreakable bond of trust between the supplier and the agents. Moreover, the knowledge and technology required for Wafer Transferring and Sorting take time to cultivate. Having sufficient knowledge and technical capabilities allows us to effectively understand customer needs and provide the best Sales and Field Service for local customers.

R2D Automation also sells wafer transferring and sorting equipment in Japan and South Korea. Due to the different characteristics of customers there, our Sales and Field Service are currently conducted through a “Project Management” approach.

To address the needs of agents and customers in Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, R2D Automation has set up a Sales Office in Hsinchu, Taiwan, to provide the fastest possible service to all Asian agents and customers. We strive to be the best in Wafer Handling Technology and Customer Service, creating a win-win-win situation for customers, agents, and R2D Automation in this rapidly changing Semiconductor Industry.

Looking into the future, R2D Automation will further expand the market, providing better wafer handling equipment for customers worldwide. The company will continue to increase their innovation efforts, leading the development of Wafer Transferring and Sorting Technology, and assisting the Semiconductor Industry in continuous progress. In the process of growing together with global customers, R2D Automation is committed to helping your business achieve even more brilliant success.

Please contact us for the Best Way to Transfer or Sort your Wafers!