Festo and R2D Automation: a collaboration for industrial automation

Festo and R2D Automation: Successful collaboration for industrial automation Festo, a German specialist in motion technology for industrial automation, and R2D Automation, a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of custom machines, have collaborated on a project involving a Festo robot integrated into an R2D Automation machine.The collaboration resulted in a state-of-the-art automation […]

The benefits of industrial automation to improve productivity

The benefits of industrial automation to improve productivity In an industrial environment, automation is a key element to improve productivity and competitiveness. Automation is the use of machines and technologies to perform repetitive or hazardous tasks autonomously, without human intervention. This article explores the benefits of industrial automation for companies of all sizes, focusing on […]

Wafer transfer techniques for semiconductor production: Choices and Issues

Wafer transfer techniques for semiconductor production: choices and challenges In semiconductor production, wafer transfer is a critical step to ensure the quality and reliability of electronic devices. Wafers are disks of silicon or other semiconductor materials on which thousands of microcircuits are etched to be cut and mounted in electronic components such as chips and […]

How wafer transfer machines are helping to reduce costs in the semiconductor industry

Wafer transfer machines play a crucial role in semiconductor production. They are used to handle wafers, which are silicon wafers on which electronic chips are manufactured. Semiconductor manufacturers often use automated machines to transfer wafers from one stage of the manufacturing process to another. These machines offer several benefits, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy and […]

North American Representative

North American Representative North American Representative appointed to improve customer service and support. R2D-Automation, a global leader in semiconductor automation, and REV-Global, a semiconductor manufacturer representative with over 21 years in the industry are proud to announce their strategic arrangement for America. For more information see Company -> North America  

Supply Chain Disruption

Supply Chain Disruption GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTION HAS AFFECTED R2D AUTOMATION The global supply chain disruption has impacted R2D Automation and our delivery timetables. We had acted early and increased our holdings of part and key resources by 20% when we saw the pandemic issue arising. The Omicron variant has also impacted the supply chain […]