Product description

The EMMA system is a Full Automation for Diffusion Horizontal Furnace, loading/unloading wafer batches from cassettes to a long boat, and unloading/reloading boats from the furnace to the wafer transfer system.

The EMMA system consists of a Batch Wafer Transfer System and a Load Station (not represented in picture)

The load station includes linear modules and scara robot,  designed to move full long boats safely and quickly, from the EMMA shuttle to any furnace paddles or cool down shelves.

The wafer transfer system unloads/reloads wafer batches from cassettes previously loaded on the conveyor, to the long boat dropped on the EMMA shuttle.

The EMMA system is entirely customized to meet your different cassettes, boats and wafers specifications needs, and to be compatible with your horizontal furnace model.

Product information

Key system features

  • Full Automation for Horizontal Furnace
  • Long boats loading (1200 slots 2.38 pitch)
  • Wafer size  6″ or 8″
  • Customized according customer cassettes, boats and wafers
  • Customized according customer furnace
  • Fast, clean, reliable and accurate


Standard features ready to operate includes:

  • Peek material for pushers, retainers and boat adaptors
  • Double cassette/boat sensors
  • Wafer presence detection into cassette/boat
  • Current limit on all motors
  • Power “off” security
  • Automatic home position
  • Historical data recorded (error messages data time)
  • Clean room color paper documentation


  • Cycle time to unload/reload  one boat on paddle:  <30mn
  • Breakage rate: < 1 pour 5.105
  • MTBF: >4000hrs
  • MTBA: 750 hrs
  • MTTR: < 1hr
  • MTTA: 0.005hr


Facilities and Requirements

  • Power: 110-220 Vac
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 8 bar