Product description

The LISA-AE (LIft Six Axes – Automation Embedded) system is a Full Automation for Horizontal Furnace, with a POD opener dock and a R2D COMET system integrated to transfer wafer batches from cassettes to boat, and using a 6 axis robot to load/unload boats to the furnace paddles.

To load the furnace, the operator places a POD opener at the dock and requests loading. Following, the arm from the POD will transfer the cassette to the COMET ( horizontal to vertical position), then the COMET transfers the wafer batch from the cassette to the boat. After wafer batch has been transferred inside the boat, the 6 axis robot picks up the boat and puts it on the
paddle. Reverse process for unloading. The empty boats are stored on an integrated boat buffer.

The LISA-AE system is entirely customized to meet your different cassettes, boats and wafers specifications needs, and to be compatible with your POD opener and Horizontal Furnace model.

SECS-GEM communication available.

Product information

Key system features

  • Full Automation for Diffusion Horizontal Furnace
  • Short boats loading
  • POD Opener dock
  • Batch wafer transfer from POD to boat
  • 6 axis robot to load/unload boat to the furnace
  • Wafer size  6″ ; 8″ or 12″
  • SECS-GEM communication (SECS I or HSMS)
  • Customized according to customer furnace and POD opener model
  • Customized according to customer cassettes, boats and wafers
  • Fast, clean, reliable and accurate


COMET System features ready to operate includes:

  • Peek material for pushers, retainers and boat adaptors
  • LCD display indicating all cycle steps.
  • IR heat sensor
  • Double cassette/boat sensors
  • Carrier correctly positioned (mechanical)
  • Wafer presence detection into cassette/boat
  • Current limit on all motors
  • Power “off” security
  • Open frame, designed for a vertical laminar flow
  • Automatic home position
  • Historical data recorded (error messages data time)
  • Clean room color paper documentation



  • Cycle time to unload/reload 6 boats on paddle:  <30mn
  • Breakage rate: < 1 pour 5.105
  • MTBF: >4000hrs
  • MTBA: 750 hrs
  • MTTR: < 1hr
  • MTTA: 0.005hr


Facilities and Requirements

  • Power: 110-220 Vac
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 8 bar