Product description

The SORTER OCR 300 systems are compact, fast, reliable and meet your different requirements.
The  SORTER OCR 300 systems are integrating an optical notch aligner and an OCR system for front and back scribe reading.
Preprogrammed recipes are available as ID Sorting, Randomizing, Compacting, whether or not using scribe criterias.
You can also create your own recipes using different parameters.

The SORTER OCR 300 systems are using motors, belts and other parts proven by 16 years of experience in Fab automations
The spare parts for all your different SORTER systems are listed in only one page
The visual interface is clear, direct and can be customized.
Touch buttons, Touchscreen, Trackball interfaces.

Product information

Key system features

  • Cassettes sorting standalone machine
  • Wafer size 300 mm on the same machine
  • 2,3 or 4 load port
  • Wafer thickness up to 180µm
  • Front and Back scribe reading
  • End effector: backside vacuum or edge contact
  • Preprogrammed factory recipes (Sorting, Merging, Splitting, Randomization, Compacting, Completing, Copying, Inverting)
  • Customizable recipes
  • Manual transfer (Single wafer transfer)
  • Customized according to customer cassettes and wafers
  • Optimized footprint
  • Easy for integration to any process tools


Standard features

  • 12” color LCD Touchscreen
  • Notch alignment system
  • OCR system [Cognex]
  • Automatic mapping system
  • Cross or double slots detection
  • Wafer detection in cassette
  • Current limiters on all motors
  • Error message and cycles recorded
  • Customizable Light Tower
  • SECS/GEM Host connection [Ethernet – TCP/IP – E37 HSMS-SS]
  • Tower light
  • Clean Room and PDF documentation


  • Automatic carrier tilt
  • Laminar Flow
  • Carrier TAG reader
  • Ionization system
  • Fan filter unit


Software flexibility

  • Standard or customizable software
  • Wafer recoveries
  • Restart after error
  • Friendly interface and customizable
  • Easy integration with other systems by SECII-GEM, ASCII, RS, TCPIP



  • CE certification
  • SEMI Standard
  • Class 1


Facilities and Requirements

  • Power: 100-240 VAC 75 watts
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Full Load Amps: 10 A