Product description

The LINA System is a new generation of Boat Auto Loader for Horizontal  furnace.

Using a Cartesian lift, the LINA will automatically load/unload multiple type of boat from Furnace paddle to buffer/Load port and back.

With his multiple boat handling system, we can manage different process avoiding cross contamination.

The LINA coupled with a shuttle and a Comet wafer transfer system could provide a full complete handling solution.

150/200mm or 300mm Furnace Automation   

Different configuration are possible:

  • Lift with boat/baffle stocker
  • Lift with carrier /boat stocker
  • Lift with Comet wafer transfer
  • Customized config/design possible

For Maintenance purpose, the lift can be removed from load station (on wheels design)

The R2D automation offering for the semiconductor industry includes the following :

  • R2D proven COMET system for wafer transfer between transport cassette and quartz boat
  • A Lift for transfer of the quartz boats to and from the loader on the furnace (paddle)
  • Extra options available: SECS/GEM, notch aligning, storage/buffer positions, ESD combs, ionizer..
    *R2D is a worldwide leading automation company specialized in semiconductor wafer handling.

300mm Diffusion Furnace Automation   

300MM Automation :

  • Operator or OHT places Foup on SMIF / LP station or operator place directly the quartz boat on LP.
  • Wafers are transferred from FOUP to SiC/Quartz boat from horizontal to vertical position
  • Lift transfers boat to paddle

150- 200mm or 300mm Automation :

  • Operator Places full cassettes on Load Port or on a  Comet WTS (integration possible)
  • Wafers are transferred from cassette to SiC/Quartz boat using the Comet
  • Lift transfers boat to paddle

Product information


Wafer Size: from 150mm/200mm or 300mm

Lift Dimension :1360 x 22360 (can be customized)

  • Robot Transfer Type : Cartesian lift
  • Buffer Boat capacity: 6+2 dummies max (depend on boat design)
  • Buffers zone: 1
  • Boat Dummies capacity:  6/8


  • Unload
  • Load
  • Unload/Load
  • Carrier Stocker
  • Boat Buffer
  • Comet batch wafer transfer
  • Shuttle
  • FFU



  • Cycle time :  < 1’00 (load boat from LP to paddle)
  • Unloading/loading 8 Boats ( 6 process Boat+ 2 Buffer/Dummies Boat) < 2’00
  • Uptime:         99.8%
  • MTBF:          >4000hrs
  • MTBA:          750 hrs
  • MTTR:           < 1hr
  • MTTA:           0.005 hrs


  • CE certification
  • SEMI Standard
  • ISO 3


  • Weight: 250Kg
  • Power: 100-240 VAC
  • 50-60 Hz
  •  1.2-0.6 A
  • 75 Watts
  • No Vacuum
  • No CDA


  • IR heat sensor (end-effector location)
  • Boat detection on end-effector
  • Boat placement detection in end-effector
  • Wafer detection inside boat
  • Current limit on all motors
  • Power “off” security
  • Automatic home position
  • Carrier position detection on Load Port (mechanical)


  • GEM 300
  • Notch Aligning
  • Process Boat Buffer
  • Edge contact or vacuum end effector
  • Batch transfer or single transfer

  • SECS/GEM or SEMI 300
  • Notch Aligning
  • Process Boat Buffer
  • ESD Combs